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I'm looking for my gloves. Smoking is forbidden here. I forbid you to shout.

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We had to take him by force. The door has been forced. We were forced to change our tactics. The plane made a forced landing. We finally forced him to admit it. Don't force yourself to eat if you don't want to. How large is the police force here? I go there from force of habit. The students turned out in force. He studied at a foreign university. Do you speak any foreign languages? The New Yorker article demonstrates how steadfastly this question is ignored.

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But is that true? As most media outlets typically do, the New Yorker simply does not say.

Some have noted the Time magazine cover boasting of how U. And, of course, the U.

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But far more relevant, and more recent, are the very active efforts on the part of the U. Many of these efforts, needless to say, are covert, but many are not. And at the very least, U. The refusal to do so is as conspicuous as it is troubling. But that obscures, by design, the rather important fact that the U. Even the New Yorker article, which clearly views the theory as valid, acknowledges this fact:. Recall that even hardened Putin critics and Western journalists in Moscow were aghast at how evidence-free these government reports have been.

The lack of evidence for these theories does not, of course, prove their falsity. I'd like another cup of coffee, please.

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Do you have coffee ice cream? What is the smallest coin in the Soviet Union?

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The government decided to coin more money this year. Is it cold for you in this room? The nights are getting colder. This lemonade is not cold enough; please put some ice in it. Are you afraid of the cold?

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