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The broken body, surrounded by toys, was put inside a gray bag, which they zipped up. Matt Halsey Street by Naima Coster: When Penelope Grand leaves a failed art career in Pittsburgh and comes home to Brooklyn to look after her father, she finds her old neighborhood changed beyond recognition.

The Long Goodbye: A Memoir

The narrative shifts between Penelope and her mother, Mirella, who abandoned the family to move to the Dominican Republic and longs for reconciliation. A meditation on family, love, gentrification, and home. Emily Fire Sermon by Jamie Quatro: In these stories, a dependably motley crew of Johnson protagonists find themselves forced to take stock as mortality comes calling. Never afraid to look into the abyss, and never cute about it, Johnson will be missed.

Gratefully, sentences like the following, his sentences, will never go away: Kadare structures the novel like a psychological detective yarn, but one with some serious existential heft. The story is set physically in Communist Albania in the darkest hours of totalitarian rule, but the action takes place entirely in the head and life of a typically awful Kadare protagonist—Rudian Stefa, a writer.

A strong study of the ease and banality of human duplicity. In her debut novel, Ulysse revisits that disaster with a clearer and sharper focus. Jacqueline Florestant is mourning her parents, presumed dead after the earthquake, while her ex-Marine husband cares for their young daughter. And did I mention?

Miranda is the sensible one, thrust into the role of protector of Lucia, seven years younger, head-strong, and headed for trouble.

Alovelywoman | Memoir and Writing about Mother Loss by Carmel Breathnach

Their mother emigrated from China to the U. Despite its sunny title, this novel never flinches from big and dark issues, including interracial love, mental illness and its treatment, and the dislocations of immigrant life. I read this brilliant puzzle-of-a-book last March and I still think about it regularly! The Infinite Future follows a struggling writer, a librarian, and a Mormon historian excommunicated from the church on their search for a reclusive Brazilian science fiction writer.

In what Publishers Weekly calls a "striking first novel," a daughter searches for answers about the relationship between her parents, a diner waitress from Waterbury, Conn. Aliu writes a story of love, family, and the search for an origin story, set against the decaying backdrop of a post-industrial town. Four adolescent sibling in s New York City sneak out to see a psychic, who tells each of them the exact date they will die.

This historical thriller features an ax-wielding psychopath wreaking havoc in the city of Sazeracs. Fortunately, Rich is better than that. The Monk of Mokha by Dave Eggers: Eggers returns to his person-centered reportage with an account of a Yemeni-American man named Mokhtar Alkhanshali's efforts to revive the Yemeni tradition of coffee production just when war is brewing. A starred Kirkus review calls Eggers's latest "a most improbable and uplifting success story. A hit novel by a Swedish poet brought to English-reading audiences by Melville House.

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This autobiographical novel tells the story of a poet whose girlfriend leaves the world just as their daughter is coming into it--succumbing suddenly to undiagnosed leukemia at 33 weeks. A work of autofiction about grief and survival that Publisher's Weekly calls a "beautiful, raw meditation on earth-shattering personal loss. The award-winning British historian The Pike: Narrated by multiple characters, the historical novel spans three centuries and explores the very timely theme of immigration. Walls are erected and cause unforeseen consequences for both the present and futurey.

In its starred review, Kirkus said the novel was "stunning for both its historical sweep and its elegant prose. Medoff works a double shift: Emily The Afterlives by Thomas Pierce: Yates's latest "Rashomon-style" literary thriller follows a group of friends up the Hudson, where they are involved in a terrible crime. The novel receives the coveted Tana French endorsement: In her latest novel, Nunez a Year in Reading alum ruminates on loss, art, and the unlikely—but necessary—bonds between man and dog. After the suicide of her best friend and mentor, an unnamed, middle-aged writing professor is left Apollo, his beloved, aging Great Dane.

In her forthcoming essay collection, Smith provides a critical look at contemporary topics, including art, film, politics, and pop-culture. One of my favorite literary discoveries of was that there are two camps of Robinson fans. Are you more Housekeeping or Gilead? In our greatest tragedies, there is the feeling of no escape—and when the storytelling is just right, we feel consumed by the heartbreak. Life, and love, must go on. Up in the sky, things look a bit different. Check out his prodigious Year in Reading here. The story follows teenage Angel, a young drag queen just coming into her own, as she falls in love, founds her own house and becomes the center of a vibrant—and troubled—community.

A surreal, metaphysical debut novel dealing with myth, mental health, and fractured selves centering around Ada, a woman from southern Nigeria "born with one foot on the other side. Library Journal calls this "a gorgeous, unsettling look into the human psyche. The latest novel from the author of The Listeners follows five women of different station in a small town in Oregon in a U.

A glimpse at the world some of our current lawmakers would like to usher in, one that Maggie Nelson calls "mordant, political, poetic, alarming, and inspiring--not to mention a way forward for fiction now. In her debut memoir, Mailhot—raised on the Seabird Island Indian Reservation in southwestern Canada, presently a postdoctoral fellow at Purdue—grapples with a dual diagnosis of PTSD and Bipolar II disorder, and with the complicated legacy of a dysfunctional family.

Louise Erdrich calls this "a novel of deceptive lightness and a sort of melancholy joy. In his second novel, the stakes are somewhat lower: A memoir by a Whiting Award-winner who served as a U. His book documents his work at the border, and his subsequent quest to discover what happened to a vanished immigrant friend. Bibi Abbas Abbas Hossein is last in a line of autodidacts, anarchists, and atheists, whose family left Iran by way of Spain when she was a child. The book follows Bibi in present day as she returns to Barcelona from the U. A man commits suicide, leaving his wife, daughter, and two sons reckoning with their loss.

Read Nathan's Year in Reading here. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory: If was any indication, events in will try the soul. Some readers like to find escape from uncertain times with dour dystopian prognostications or strained family stories and there are plenty. But what about something fun?

Something with sex and maybe, eventually, love. Something Roxane Gay called a "charming, warm, sexy gem of a novel One of the best books I've read in a while. Wouldn't it feel good to feel good again? And he is prolific, too. Police officer Eamon Michael Royce is killed in the line of duty. Dalton would find me. He was always finding me. If children are the future, what does it presage that, post-disaster, they are emerging from the womb as frail, aged creatures blessed with an uncanny wisdom?

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Read her Year in Reading here. As the title suggests, the plot hinges on a love affair, and follows two generations of the Sparsholt family, opening in at Oxford, just before WWII. It tells the story of Virginia, a sculptor who crafts intricate pieces in marked isolation. This translation marks the first time The Chandelier has ever appeared in English Ismail. It's very easy to love this novel but difficult to describe it. A disarming narrator begins her account from a community with strange rules and obscure ideology located on an unnamed island.

While she and her father uneasily bide their time in this not-quite-utopia, she reflects on her upbringing in Boston, and a friendship--with the self-styled leader of the city's community of Ethiopian immigrants--that begins to feel sinister. As the story unfolds, what initially looked like a growing-up story in a semi-comic key becomes a troubling allegory of self-determination and sacrifice.

A fifteen-year-old girl named Pearl lives in squalor in a southern swamp with her father and two other men, scavenging for food and getting by any way they can. She meets a rich neighbor boy and starts a relationship, eventually learning that his family holds Pearl's fate in their hands. Publisher's Weekly called it "an evocative novel about the cruelty of children and the costs of poverty in the contemporary South.

His new novel is about the daily life of a multi-generational Mexican-American family in California. Nearly 15 years after his critically-acclaimed debut novel, Beasts of No Nation , was published, Iweala is back with a story as deeply troubling. Teenagers Niru and Meredith are best friends who come from very different backgrounds. Stories by John Edgar Wideman: We get to crawl inside the mind of a man sitting on the Williamsburg Bridge, ready to jump.

We get Wideman pondering deaths in his own family. What we get, in the end, is a book unlike any other, the work of an American master working at peak form late in a long and magnificent career. Bill Happiness by Aminatta Forna: A novel about what happens when an expert on the habits of foxes and an expert on the trauma of refugees meet in London, one that Paul Yoon raved about it in his Year in Reading: The Nobel Prize winner's latest arrives in translation from the extraordinary Edith Grossman. Two women married to very affluent men are having a lesbian affair, and one of their husbands, Enrique, is being blackmailed.

While this may not be his best work, it will keep readers reading all the way. Sometimes truth is more fascinating than fiction. Yurchyshyn's father was a banker who died in Ukraine in a car "accident" that was possibly a hit when she was 16, and years later, though not many, her mother succumbed to alcoholism. Yurchyshyn's tale is one of curiosity and discovery; it's also an inquiry into grief and numbness.

Year in Reading alum and author of The Oracle of Stamboul explores the history of Cairo's Ben Ezra Synagogue site of the famous Cairo Geniza document trove discovered in the nineteenth century through the story of its generations of Muslim watchmen as gleaned by their modern-day, Berkeley-dwelling scion. Rabih Alameddine calls it "a beautiful, richly textured novel, ambitious and delicately crafted This is an atmospheric novel of betrayal and ardent allegiance to ideology and political choices. His decision leads to the family having to flee the country and for them to have to make a decision: Chigozie Memento Park by Mark Sarvas: Memento Park is about art, history, Jewishness, fathers and sons: Famously, Kenyan author Ngugi wrote his Gikuyu novel Devil on the Cross while serving out a prison sentence.

And he did it on toilet paper, no less. Twenty-something artist Andrea ran away from the Midwest to Portland to escape the expectation to be a mother and create a life for herself as a queer artist. Then, confused and hurt by a break-up, she hooked up with a man—and ended up having his child. Her follow up to The Interestings , The Female Persuasion centers around Greer Kadetsky, who is a freshman in college when she meets Faith Frank, an inspiring feminist icon who ignites Greer's passions.

As the starred review in Publisher's Weekly says, this novel explores, "what it is to both embrace womanhood and suffer because of it. Claire The Recovering by Leslie Jamison: The bestselling author of The Empathy Exams brings us The Recovering, which explores addiction and recovery in America, in particular the stories we tell ourselves about addiction. Jamison also examines the relationship many well-known writers and artists had with addiction, including Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday, Raymond Carver, David Foster Wallace, and more.

Is Sittenfeld a serious literary novelist who dabbles in chick lit? Is she a writer of frothy beach reads who happens to have an MFA from Iowa? Michael Varina by Charles Frazier: Something to think about. From the waiting room of a French fertility clinic, a young woman revisits the stories of generations of her Iranian ancestors culminating in her parents, who brought her to France when she was This French hit, published in English by Europa Editions, is called "a rich, irreverent, kaleidoscopic novel of real originality and power" by Alexander Maksik.

A debut collection of stories exploring black identity and middle-class life in so-called "post-racial" America, with storylines ranging from gun violence and depression to lighter matters like a passive-aggressive fight between the mothers of school kids. Until last year, Babitz was an obscure writer who chronicled hedonistic Los Angeles in the s and s. She is the five books of memoir and fiction she left behind for young women, freshly moved to Los Angeles, to find. And, of course, the Chateau Marmont. Ten years removed from her debut, Crosley takes on issues ranging from the pressures of fertility, to swingers, to confronting her own fame.

Give this to Barnes: In his 13th novel, a college student named Paul spends a lazy summer at a tennis club, where he meets a middle-aged woman with two daughters around his age. Soon enough, the two are having an affair, and a flash-forward to a much-older Paul makes clear it upended their lives. Tom McCallister…is a man! Although high school English teacher Anna Crawford is quickly exonerated after being named a suspect in a campus shooting, she nevertheless suffers intense scrutiny in the wake of the tragedy.

If only Anthony Minghella were still with us to make the movie. If you periodically spend afternoons sitting around wondering when you will get to read something new by DeWitt, this is your season. In May we get 13 stories from the brilliant writer who brought us The Last Samurai— one of the best books of this or any millennium—and the evilly good Lightning Rods.

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In this collection DeWitt will evidently apply her mordant virtuosity to territory ranging from statistics to publishing. Four years since publishing his last novel, Palahniuk returns in the era of fake news, obvious government corruption, and widespread despair. Last Stories by William Trevor: Prior to his death in November , Trevor told a friend that the book he was working on would be called Last Stories.

That is this book—the last we will ever have from the Irish author. Six of the 10 stories included here have never been published before, and what preview would be sufficient? Complications ensue when one of the Mems, Dolores Extract 1, begins to make and form her own memories. All the cool moms of literary twitter including Edan! Janet The Ensemble by Aja Gabel: A novel about art and friendship and the fraught world of accomplished musicians—four young friends who comprise a string quartet.

Mat Johnson said Gabel's novel "deserves a standing ovation. The Lost Empress is as ambitious as his first, a page doorstopper that takes on both football and the criminal justice system. The novel has a large cast, but centers on two characters: New York-bred writer Brinkley and Year in Reading alum delivers this anticipated debut story collection. Anne The Pisces by Melissa Broder: You may know Broder because of her incredible So Sad Today tweets. D student in love with a Californian merman. The student, Lucy, has a breakdown after nine years of grad school, which compels her Angeleno sister to invite her to dogsit at her place.

On the beach, a merman appears, and Lucy embarks on a romance that seems impossible. I was woefully wrong. It's true Cusk is a chronicler of the domestic: That novel, a gargantuan epic set in post-independence India in the s, was a multi-family saga built around the pursuit of a suitable husband in a world of arranged marriages.

Though best-known for A Suitable Boy, the versatile Seth has produced novels, poetry, opera, a verse novel, a travel book, and a memoir. Bill Florida by Lauren Groff: Set in Oakland, Orange's novel describes the disparate lives that come together for the Oakland Powwow and what happens to them when they get there. You might think I'm exaggerating but this book is so revolutionary—evolutionary—that Native American literature will never be the same. What was Wood doing in the meantime? Oh, just influencing a generation of novelists from his perch at The New Yorker, where his dissecting reviews also functioned as miniature writing seminars.

He also penned a writing manual, How Fiction Works. His sophomore effort concerns the Querry family, who reunite in upstate New York to help a family member cope with depression and to pose the kinds of questions fiction answers best: How do people get through difficulty? What does it mean to be happy? How should we live our lives? This third novel from the acclaimed author of The Borrower and The Hundred-Year House interlaces the story of an art gallery director whose friends are succumbing to the AIDS epidemic in s Chicago with a mother struggling to find her estranged daughter 30 years later in contemporary Paris.

With the new Good Trouble, the Netherland author now has a full collection, comprised of 11 off-kilter, unsettling stories. A family chronicle, workplace drama, and love story rolled into one, Li's debut chronicles the universe of the Beijing Duck House restaurant of Rockville, Md. Lorrie Moore raves, "her narratives are complex, mysterious, moving, and surprising.

In her much anticipated memoir SICK, Khakpour chronicles her arduous experience with illness, specifically late-stage Lyme disease. Both sides are on full display here. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This book resonates deep within, probably because I lost my mother, and my mother-in-law, at the onset of "middle age", triggering many of the same responses discussed in this memoir albeit in different manifestations. The loss of your mother is an enormous, ground shifting event, and it was comforting to me to know that even a palliative care doctor - who knew what was coming - found herself in utterly unfamiliar territory as she tried to stand on the shifting ground beneath her feet.

Strange fixations, withdrawal, deep introspection, writing, and rediscovering some childhood passions - especially in the arts, were just a few of the things that Dr. Scott and I shared. I also loved how she approached the year by months, reflecting on many childhood remembrances of each month in rural southern America that had me smiling in fond remembrance. Life doesn't stop when you lose your mother - so you pretty much have to stop and let it revolve around you.

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In the end, you have to decide to live - or how you are going to live. This is a part of why Hamlet's speech not just a suicide soliloquy , continues to resonate today. I love these quotes from the book: I may have felt as if I couldn't breathe freely at times, may have felt caged and desperate, may have questioned all I ever was, but I had learned enough to keep me where I needed to be and to live to see what life would continue to bring my way if I continued to look for it. Now -- get this book on audible! The Year My Mother Died, A Memoir by Sherry Scott is a brave book, which will make you both cry and laugh, as you read the deeply personal and moving account of how the author spent the year of her mother's death.

Scott is a pediatrician who has spent years in palliative care for parents and families who are grieving over the eminent death or loss of a child. When she discovered her mother was dying she assumed she herself would be able to be the strong one, since she was familiar with all the "right" things to do and say to those in deep sorrow and distress. However, she discovered that no one can truly be prepared for the emotional twists and turns that grief takes deep inside the grief-stricken. She tells how she spent the year of grief and recovery doing things that seemed bizarre and sometimes perplexing, as well as deeply emotional or just flights of escape fantasy.

She details boldly how she yearned to return to adolescence and reclaim her childhood, reliving and redoing some of the past. As we move from month to month with her through her journey of grief to acceptance and recovery, we see a real person, living honestly with very difficult feelings. Scott write with a delightfully fresh personality coming through.

On Hearing of My Mother's Death Six Years After It Happened: A Daughter's Memoir of Mental Illness

The book has some really humorous moments and is an enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book!!! Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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