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Or is it God? Wed Aug 08 True success happens when we do God's will in God's way. Tue Aug 07 Godly success means making God's priorities, your priorities. Are you pursuing God's will? Mon Aug 06 Man measures success by the attainment of wealth, power, position, popularity, influence. God's measure is very different.

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Godly success is doing God's will in God's way achieving the results God desires. Mon Jul 23 The podcast is on a 2-week break Fri Jul 20 In Rahab's story we see God reaching out to the heart of a young sex worker, who becomes convinced of the supremacy of the supreme God. Thu Jul 19 Jacob used deceit and cunning and sabotage to try to exercise control over his destiny. It took him a lifetime of experiences - confrontations with God, drama and tragedy with his family - to learn to trust God with his life, purpose and well-being.

Wed Jul 18 David was rebuked and disciplined by God and there were very serious consequences for his sin. But when he repented of his sin, he found that God had not revoked the calling on his life. Tue Jul 17 Moses with his potential and in all his imperfection, was used by God to accomplish His perfect purpose.

If God can do that for Moses, He can do that for you. Mon Jul 16 In this series, we look at God's grace - love and favor we don't deserve - through the eyes of men and women in the Bible who failed. Fri Jul 13 In the world, we worry. We have to be. Or else how will things get done? How will we pay our bills? Feed and clothe ourselves and our families? How will we get that job, get that promotion, keep ourselves and our loved ones safe? How will we protect ourselves if we don't worry about it? In Christ, we have Someone who has already taken care of all our needs.

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Jesus says that it's the people who don't know God who worry about their lives. But in Him, we can be assured that He knows a Thu Jul 12 In the world, especially in corporate settings, everybody knows about the CYA policy. Basically, worldly wisdom tells us that we've got to have our own backs, because no-one else will. In Christ, things are vastly different. In Christ, God Himself has our backs. And that sets us free and gives us the security blanket we need to look out for each other. In fact, God issues the command to us to not take matters into our own hands and try to get revenge when we are wronged.

Wed Jul 11 In the world, when someone wrongs you, you protect yourself by holding it against them. You may forgive if they admit they are wrong. Or you may forgive because people are now beginning to talk about the emotional and even physiological baggage that accompanies unforgiveness.

God has a different standard of forgiveness which He has demonstrated since the beginning of time. He instructs us to offer to others the same forgiveness we have received from Him. Actually, it is hu Tue Jul 10 The world tells us to toot our own horn, to be sure to let everyone know our accomplishments, to put ourselves first.

God tells us to prefer others above ourselves in love. Mon Jul 09 In the world we have a sense that we must take care of ourselves - because no-one else is looking out for us.

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While that may be true in the world, it doesn't have to be. God promises us that in Him, we have everything we need to live, and to live Godly lives that please Him 2 Peter 1: AND He also promises that no matter what we go through, He will take care of us completely, protect us, and be with us at all times.

In Christ, we're not just happy-go-lucky. Fri Jul 06 Thu Jul 05 Wed Jul 04 In Christ, we are set free from bearing the punishment of our sin.

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Tue Jul 03 Mon Jul 02 When we came to faith in Christ, we were set free: In this week's devotional series, we dive into what it means to have Freedom in Christ. Fri Jun 29 Your existence was carefully planned for. Your future is carefully planned for. Fifth and final in the series on Psalm Thu Jun 28 If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Learn more about Amazon Prime. For many people, the concept of a Divine Spirit is elusive. Many question who or what God is. The issues we face, from personal to global, disconnect us physically and detach us from our spiritual energy. Meier has written God in the Mirror to reconnect us to the Universe, to reflect a new vision of God and, ultimately, a new vision of you. Using spiritual concepts from world religions, Dr.

Because your world reflects the state of YOU, you can choose to change your individual state anytime. Life can be full of wonder and delight, joy and forgiveness, love and bliss. God in the Mirror guides you on a journey that starts in your mind, travels through your heart, and settles into your soul. This book is rich with insights that lead to realizations that each of us is a reflection of the God Source; ever connected and never separated.

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