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At least two of these figures, Qadir and Zibari, wittingly aided the Islamic State, according to the report. Qadir had reportedly placed two Islamic State operatives in official government positions in the Ministry of Communications. Other officials were reportedly more reluctant to collaborate, but eventually capitulated.

Hajj Riyad and Qadir, who was also head of the Nineveh Reconstruction Council at the time, had initial hesitations about collaborating with the Islamic State but buckled under additional pressure, according to the documents. Fast forward to today: Atheel al-Nujaifi, governor in absentia of Nineveh and the brother of Iraqi Vice President Usama al-Nujaifi, continues to try to build a 3,man local security force to fight the Islamic State after he was sacked in May, when a majority of Iraqi MPs voted to fire him for corruption and complicity in the fall of Mosul to the Islamic State.

In the talk, Issawi emphasized the dire security situation and pleaded for help, arguing that the Shiite militias are nearly an equal threat to the stability of Iraq as the Islamic State is. Issawi also noted that he and Nujaifi were two of the few Sunnis to participate in politics since the beginning of the new Iraqi state, as others boycotted politics for years.

Political leaders on all sides have demonstrated a willingness to do whatever it takes to advance their sectarian agendas. And in the case of Sunni leaders, this has likely included direct cooperation with the Islamic State. In this context, proposals to arm and support Sunni-led provincial forces are compelling.

But policymakers also must consider the prospects for eventual demobilization. Disarming tribal militias would prove easier, but the tribes have been weakened in the years since they joined U. Going around them is only asking for trouble. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola. Sign up for free access to 3 articles per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts. Create a Foreign Policy account to access 3 articles per month and free newsletters developed by policy experts. By Benjamin Bahney , Patrick B. Johnston , Patrick Ryan June 23, , Johnston is a senior political scientist at the nonprofit, nonpartisan Rand Corporation.

This happened twice, in succession. In "Mondo's Last Stand", after the Rangers defeated Mondo, they believed they'd no longer have to face monsters for a long time. Their peace only lasted until another villain took over the Machine Empire. The first guy was Louie Kaboom. He likely wasn't a better villain than Mondo was, but he was far more obnoxious , so much so that even the other members of Mondo's court hated him.

Then Mondo's exiled son Prince Gasket showed up, disposed of Louie, and took over. In the final episode of Angel , Angel recruits former enemy Lindsey for his suicide run on the Black Thorn. On the off-chance that they succeed and any of them survive, he knows someone will have to fill the Evil Power Vacuum , and he'd rather it be Lindsey than anyone else. Lindsey names the trope, then decides it's too good of a fight to miss out on. Then Lorne, of all people, shoots Lindsey on Angel's orders - turns out that Angel didn't trust him after all.

Lindsey is less insulted by the betrayal than Angel not bothering to kill him in person. The Dukes of Hazzard: This is why the people of Hazzard County keep electing Boss Hogg as county commissioner and Roscoe as sheriff.

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The first episode itself had the Duke boys get Roscoe good publicity before the next election specifically because of this trope. Brought up in the Dollhouse episode "Needs". The song that closes the episode called "Lonely Ghosts mentions this trope by name, suggesting that as horrible as the Dollhouse is, the alternatives are even worse.

Like lonely ghosts, at a roadside cross. Played rather literally in Old Harry's Game. Scumspawn a demon tries to persuade Thomas a condemned soul to help get Satan and the Professor out of hot water with the angels, as Satan's replacement could be even worse. He's a shovel-happy little git! Lampshaded in Starcraft to explain why the heroes of the story were working with Kerrigan "Queen Bitch of the Universe," in her own words, and The Leader of an alien locust swarm of all people to fight the UED.

They succeed, but the instant they do Emperor Doviculus turns up, kills Lars , and shatters the rebel army. Villainous variation in Shantae. When push comes to shove, Risky prefers to allow the titular heroine to regain all her magic powers and keep her as a rival than allow the Pirate Master to have his way. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty has this as a plot point when the player first learns of the Patriots.

The President says that even though their existence is a stranglehold on the true ideas of American freedom, if they cease to exist according to him , the ensuing political power vacuum can wreak massive, unforseen danger to current American society if not the world. Negative and the Demons move in and cause far more damage to the city than Fisk's men ever did. Fisk himself declares as such as he's being taken away, shouting that he kept order in New York and that Spidey will be wishing he was back within a month. Spidey will later snark to himself that he is beginning to miss Fisk since he's no longer around to keep his goons in line.

And then when the Demons start to become completely unhinged in their attacks on the city, Spidey notes that as bad as Fisk was, he never let his villainy get this out of hand and actually cared about order in the city. Not because he wanted to, but because his family knew Karnak before his demon days, and as a result knew how to handle him. Any other demon lord securing power would have meant a lot of trouble.

Night Vale is ruled by a questionable government which has been both incompetent with it's terrible bridge building plans and wasting lots of money pointless projects, and corrupt one can get brainwashed or taken away to be tortured by the Sheriff's secret police, and all the creatures and dangers present do nothing.


It's even stated that any old corrupt law can be enforced by a thug with a gun. That said, the attitude to the town seems to be "It's not perfect, but nothing is," and people seem fine, when they're not cowering. Cecil himself happily reports the creepy and macabre happenings.

Strex Corp is notably more evil: Part of the reason they're hated is because they're worse than the old administration, but the other part is because they are trying to erase the original evil, corrupt, nature of the town, and that's against town pride. At the very end, Jackie defeats Shendu, putting him in statue form, and Jade blows him to pieces with one of his own talismans. This is apparently a bad thing as Uncle tells him that now Shendu's been destroyed, a new, much worse evil must take his place.

The Enemy You Know and the Ally You Don’t

The second season then deals with the spirit of Shendu, after taking over Valmont's body, trying to reopen several demon portals so that his demon siblings can escape and wreak havoc on the mortal world. Lampshaded in The Spectacular Spider-Man. After Spider-Man takes down mob boss Tombstone, Captain Stacy tells him that he's just created a power vacuum in the underworld, and that "nature abhors a vacuum". It's filled by the Green Goblin, who set the whole thing up for precisely this purpose. After Daemon is stopped Megabyte comes back to Mainframe. Dot and Bob refuse help from the Supercomputer because they have dealt with Megabyte before and know how he operates.

This bites them in the ASCII when Megabyte doesn't operate like he used to , giving up on conquest and going for personal revenge instead. He takes over the Principal Office in one episode. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Following the chaos resulting from "killing" the Shredder the turtles temporarily ally themselves with Shredder's adoptive daughter to ensure that the Foot Clan gains dominance in the gang wars.

Leonardo, invoking this trope word for word, reasons that as bad as the Foot may be, putting them back on top would end the wars and get some order in the city. This is why you don't defrost the old leaders of Miseryville. Lucius Heinous VII might be the literal devil , but compared to his dad, grandfather and great-grandfathers way back down to Lucius Heinous I, he's the best of a bad situation.

Grout, the bossy manager of Hotel Sedgwick, leaving the job to become the manager of the new Uptown Hotel, much to the temporary relief of Slimer and Buddy. When wannabe ghostbuster Professor Dweeb became the new manager, they decided to bring Mr. Grout back, since he ignores the ghosts rather than trying to bust them. Despite knowing they'd have to face a new enemy, the heroes were happy they'd no longer have to worry about the Nightmare Prince.

However, once they tried to stop the new villain, the heroes decided to trick The Man Behind the Man into firing the new villain and reinstating the Prince.

In one episode of Jumanji , Van Pelt explained that he hunts because, in Jumanji you either hunt or are hunted. Peter, Judy and Alan then decided to hunt Van Pelt. When it seemed they got rid of him for good, Jumanji turned Peter into a new Van Pelt. The episode ended with Peter going back to normal and Van Pelt coming back. The episode "No Substitute for Crazy" featured a substitute teacher named Ms. When she sadly reminded the students that, as a substitute, she'd have to leave as soon as Crocker got back and suggested the only way to stop that would be someone with a magic wand making her the new regular teacher, Timmy wished for that.

In the next day, she revealed her true colors: Doombringer and so much more competent than Crocker that Timmy ended up wanting Crocker back. When Timmy managed to get rid of Vicky by publicly humiliating her so she's too miserable to work, the new babysitter his parents hired turned out to be an Eldritch Abomination. It didn't help that his parents are horrible judges of character.

Out of fear a more competent person would take the job, the Tiny Toons sabotaged Sam's efforts. When the Stunt Dawgs dispatched Fungus away, they didn't expect Airball to take over and make things so worse they'd bring Fungus back. At the opening of an episode of The Simpsons , a billboard with an ad for Quimby's campaign describes him as "The Devil You Know" for 18 years.

better the devil you know

In Futurama , Zoidberg uses this as a reason to support Nixon for reelection, even though he's "the worst president in history I'll stick with the evil maniac I know, thank you very much! Many animals have a defense that is designed to cause severe discomfort to their natural enemy, but rarely kills for example a skunk or porcupine.

The result is the predator remains in the area, and they keep other predators out of their territory, but the predator remembers what happened the last time, so the skunk can now feed in peace. Allegedly a factor in the Russian Revolution: While both sides committed atrocities, the Whites carried them out first which helped push people to the Reds. A factor in Cuba's revolution. When your choices are a homegrown dictator or a "president" in the back pocket of The Mafia Cuba being a paradise for drugs, gambling, contraband, and money laundering by American organized crime , the homegrown option starts looking like a good one.

Even before Castro, this was the United States' attitude towards his predecessor. The general policy towards him was, "He may be an S. Josef Stalin was perfectly aware of each and every occasion that Adolf Hitler visited the Russian Front.

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He scrupulously refrained from launching any attacks, even when Hitler was only a mile or two behind the front line and extremely vulnerable. He explained later that the last thing he wanted was for a rational leader, one who trusted his generals and left them free to decide strategy, to take over in Germany. This was the sentiment shared by every country near WWII's end and the reason that assassination attempts ceased.

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Hitler was such a raving, paranoid lunatic that his "leadership" did as much if not more harm to the Nazi government than every military loss combined. The First Chechen War saw the Chechens winning their partial independence from Russia after being in its control for centuries, but the land soon began to splinter between warlords that promoted radical Islamism. When Sharia law became enforced, several Chechens became disillusioned with the independence and soon began to support the secular Russians to fight the radicals when the second war broke out.

Especially now that we have The War on Terror. Confucius and his followers happened upon a woman sobbing by a grave.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know.

He asked her what was wrong, and she replied, "A tiger killed my son. Later, the tiger killed my husband. Then it killed my father as well.